There are many possibilities with LED lighting. LED is ideal for use in commercial areas but is also very suitable for outdoor use. Our Omega-LED light products have a beautiful light appearance and on request they can be also dimmable. Not every spot  is the same, so we offer a variety of lighting colors so that there is a perfect solution for every spot.

All over the world people and companies are getting more environmentally conscious. LED lighting is better for the environment than traditional lighting. Our LED products use less power than other light sources. Replacing glow lamps, halogen lamps and TL lamps with LED will save you a lot of power and money, plus will also save the environment. Invest in LED lighting, start having a better energy efficiency and a better lifetime reliability!


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Omega-LED Strips

We offer various LED strips that can be customized to your space, in- and outdoor!  LED strips hardly take place in and may be applied almost everywhere as long as power is available. We also offer flexible LED strips so that round shaps and corners can be illuminate.


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