Custom Build

Custom Build 

Do you need something special?  Omega-Lite offers the option to design a lighting fitting in consulation to match all your wishes so your project wil be a succes.

We carry a wide range of lighting fixtures. Sometimes you need something special, something unique to do your design justice.

You can’t find the right fitting? We have a solution: a custom build lighting fixture in consulation with you, to suit all your wishes.

We have over 20 years expericience  in all possible applications of lighting, so you can be confident that you will get the right advice and design.

Besides top quality lighting fixtures, we also provide a suitable lighting design. This will give your project the lighting it deserves.


Custom LED Lighting

We can provide you with top quality LED lighting products and lighting designs. We also make custom products to fit your requirements. We are full of innovative ideas, so we always come to the best solution. We can produce LED lighting for multiple purposes in a wide range of colors. Thanks to our flexible production proces we can produce LED lighting in almost all sizes.