The MezzoLite LED Exit Sign provides an excellent viewing distance of 30metres and although still a ‘box’ design it offers much better aesthetics when compared to conventional exit boxes.
MezzoLite Exit Sign luminaires feature attractive Polycarbonate enclosures with a sloping front opal panel and screen printed safety sign legends. The integral rechargeable batteries and
charger/driver PCB are mounted on the back surface and the advanced wide angle white LEDs provide even and effective illuminance across the legend.

The MezzoLite range is supplied with Maintained operation as standard providing 3 hour duration. (Non-maintained operation is available by excluding a switched live supply). Pictogram legend
panels complying with the EC Safety Signs Regulations and latest ISO sign requirements are available.
The benefits of the modern white low power LEDs include long life (typically 50,000hours+), excellent energy efficiency (>100lm/W), low operating temperatures therefore improving
the life of the internal Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries and good operation at low ambient temperatures.

The luminaire fully complies to the requirements of EN60598.2.22 and offers bright and even luminance across the legend panel ensuring maximum visibility in the event of an emergency


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